Chamber Debates

Chamber Debates

The Phil’s flagship event is the Thursday night chamber debates. Every week, we open up the historic debating chamber of the GMB to a new topic of discourse, ranging from debates on current affairs and grand philosophical ideas to ones on pop culture and comedy. The debates are fiery, passionate, and incisive, and some of the Phil’s most intellectually stimulating events.

Audience participation is huge in Phil debates, with those in attendance encouraged to respond with “Hear, hear” and “Shame” to statements made by the speakers, and the more courageous ones able to offer ‘points of information’ during their speeches.

The debates are a fantastic way to see guest speakers who are experts in their field discussing the topics that matter to them – speakers in recent years have included Sen. David Norris, Irish Times journalist Una Mullally, and founder of SlutWalk Sonya Barnett.

Chamber debates also offer a unique opportunity for students to hone their public speaking skills – debates are usually dominated by student voices, and there’s no environment quite as exhilarating as that of 200 people listening to every word you have to say.

If you’re interested in getting involved in chamber debating, just get in touch with our Secretary using the form to the right.