Get Involved

One of the main projects we run for new members is the Eamonn O’ Coinne Maiden Speaker’s Competition which takes place during the first eight weeks of Michaelmas Term. Maidens’ attracts over two-hundred students each year and culminates in an eight-person final which is featured as one of our Thursday night Chamber debates. The competition has an emphasis on development and confidence-building rather than intense competition in the in-rounds so as to encourage those with an interest in discussing topical social and political issues to develop the skills necessary for competitive debating. To facilitate this we host weekly workshops during the preliminary rounds of Maidens’ on topics such as how to how to construct coherent arguments, how to sum speak, how to balance opposing arguments in a debate, and how to come up with points in the seemingly short time of fifteen minutes. Seven speakers break to the final, and the eighth spot is awarded to the winner of our three-round day-long Wildcard Competition. Maidens’ is one of the best ways to get involved in the Phil and competitive debating in first term and is not to be missed by all those new to Trinity.
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In Hilary term, new members have the opportunity to plan and execute their very own Thursday night Chamber debater debate known as ‘The Exec.’ Eight people are chosen to speak on the motion while all others involved work together to pick a motion, publicise the debate, deliver the minutes for public and private business, organise the reception and night out, and to generally conduct the motions of a Phil Chamber debate. This is an opportunity for new members to be part of the inner-workings of the society while getting to know many others who are also new to the society. In addition to Maidens and the ‘Exec Debate,’ we also run a weekly pre-debate mixer known as the ‘Exec’ before each Thursday night Chamber debate. Enjoyed by new and old members alike, this gives new members a chance to meet many of the various people involved in the Phil.

During term time, on a weekly basis the Phil host the famously lavish post-debate receptions, which facilitate lively discussion even after the official debate has ended, as well as providing a space for new and returning members to socialise with their friends at the Phil.

In the past we have organised:

‘Pheliz Navidad: The Phil Christmas Ball’, a festive black-tie affair held at the Village at Lyons in Kildare.

‘The Phil Valentine’s Day: Get Your Phreak On!’ with appropriately festive decor and ambiance.

Club Philth: the highlight of Freshers’ Week